A Recruiting Experience That's Tailor Made For Gen Z

Let's be honest. Using most recruiting technology is not a pleasant experience. From clunky job boards to tedious and stressful applications, the candidate facing user experiences of most recruiting solutions do not serve as positive first impressions for your brand. Check out how Outern helps your company create a fun and engaging application and tryout experience for Gen Z candidates!


Show Off Your Company With Video Content

Gen Z candidates spend significant time each day on social media consuming and producing video content. How can you use this knowledge to compete for talent with household brands? Outern allows you to upload video content to your company profile, highlighting your amazing culture, wonderful people, and swanky digs.

Applications Made Easy and Effective

Video is a great tool to gauge soft skills and communication ability. It's also one of Gen Z's favorite forms of communication. Outern allows applicants to answer questions and perform tasks with video, giving you more in-depth insights while creating a better experience for candidates.

A beautiful, modern, and streamlined user interface

How many applicants do you think you lose each year because they struggle to use clunky and outdated tools? Do your candidates feel excited by your application process? We've spent significant time and resources getting feedback from students to build a modern and clean interface for hiring.

Now in private beta. Releasing at select universities Spring 2021.

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