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Outern uses data to help employers in your network discover your students before facilitating a virtual job tryout that helps the student build experience, skills, and connections. We then give you in-depth analytics on student-employer performance and interactions, helping you better allocate your resources.

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Now Blasting Off at Xavier University 🚀

Outern has partnered with Xavier University to help employers find and engage with world-class entry-level talent.

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Anyone can say that they possess a skill. Help students prove their abilities to employers with AI skills tests that quanitfy merit and ability. Our skill assessments take feedback from thousands of employers across the globe to ensure their validity.

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Pedigree is out of style

Employers know that pedigree isn't very indicative of career success (source: Harvard Business Review). It's hard to compare the strength of academic programs across colleges, and it's even harder to standardize experiences. Outern uses a combination of skill data, interactive video content, and virtual job tryouts to help the most qualfied students-- not those with the best pedigree-- stand out.

Experiential learning built for the future

COVID-19 has changed so much in our world, especially in the workforce. As employers have spent the past year familiarizing themselves with remote work, they've come to a realization: there's a lot of benefits to remote hiring processes. Remote hiring expands talent pools geographically, saves money, and is easy to implement. Provide your community with a tool that fits modern needs and trends.

Understand your community like never before

Get a clearer understanding of who is and isn't hiring your students as well as why. Outern shows you how your students' skills stack up to other students in colleges across the country, employer and student sentiment after working together, and much more. Use data to determine how to improve and allocate your resources, providing students and employers with the best possible recruiting experience.

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A hiring experience built for GenZ

Outern's user experience was built with college students in mind. Seriously-- we had college students design it! Implement a recruiting experience that Gen Z will love with interactive video content and seamless & fun applications.

About Our User Experience

Now in private beta. Releasing at select universities Spring 2021

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