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College students are effective and affordable options to get a helping hand in your business. Finding the best students, preparing legal documents, setting up communication channels, and paying students can take more time than the work itself. Outern automates all of these processes to help you get to work quickly.

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Discover top university talent.

Outern partners with universities around the US to help employers find and engage with world-class entry-level talent.

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Automate Communication, Legal, and Payroll

You simply want to get to work; you shouldn't need to worry about manually configuring the details of hiring a temporary worker. Let Outern take care of the tedious work like setting up communication channels, legal documents, and payroll.

Use AI To Find The Best People For The Job

Finding the best student to do a job can be a challenge. Whether you need technical skills but don't know how to evaluate an engineer or soft-skills but want to evaluate candidates more efficiently, Outern uses AI skill assessments to help you find the most qualified people for the job.

Question Formats:
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The Outern Hiring System

Learn how Outern helps you work with college talent quickly and efficiently.

Applications made engaging, insightful, and transparent.

Applications through Outern utilize interactive video content and AI-powered virutal interviews, giving you a window into how candidates will perform. Our software also keeps candidates informed, giving them access to their scores and helping them understand how they compare to other candidates.

Work with candidates remotely with ease.

Once your candidates have gone through the application process and you've picked the best student, use Outern's remote collaboration tools to simplify communication, legal, onboarding, and payroll for your student.

Get Your Deliverables Without The Hassle.

After you have used Outern's technology to find and work with a top student, access your deliverables without the hassle of helping a student fill out tax forms and other complex temp worker requirements. We automate it all!

Now in private beta. Releasing at select universities Spring 2021.

Get 50% Off For Life