Win Over Top Campus Talent Before The Competition

Outern is the first touchpoint between your company and college talent. By augmenting your screening process and facilitating engaging job simulations for students, Outern gives you a competitive edge by helping you build relationships with candidates long before they apply to Junior and Senior year internships.

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The Impact of Being Early

Most opportunities for college students are targeted towards Juniors and Seniors. With hundreds of recruiters vying for their attention, the likelihood you'll get lost in the noise is high. This level of competition puts you at a disadvantage against bigger firms with larger budgets and better known brands. Just look at all of those top students engaging with other companies– and not yours!

When you implement Outern, your company gets exposure to top college talent as Freshmen and Sophomores, long before other companies are getting in touch. Outern's technology helps you identify top young talent as well as build relationships through interactive job simulations. By the time these students are upperclassmen, you'll have a pipeline full of qualified and interested candidates ready to accept your internship offers.

Implement Better Candidate Experiences Earlier

Be the first to plant your flag.

All underclassmen are looking for experience, but most internship opportunities are built for Juniors and Seniors. Outern takes advantage of this discrepancy to let you grab the best talent before competitors.

Let candidates walk in your shoes.

Just because you aren't a household name doesn't mean that working at your company isn't incredibly rewarding. Create job simulations that show off life at your company and allow multiple students to explore a potential career with you without draining your budget.

Scrap inequity in your recruiting.

You have a lot on your plate, but that doesn't have to limit what campuses you recruit at. Outern uses AI powered virtual interviews to augment your screening process and allow you to engage with candidates from a wider range of backgrounds.

Put the right pieces in place faster.

Structure the top of your hiring funnel so that you have a plethora of talented, engaged, and diverse candidates that are ready to accept your internships and full-time positions. A more developed top of the funnel allows you to send offers faster, reducing declined offers.

The Outern Hiring System

Outern temporarily makes candidates a part of your team as contract workers, giving them the opportunity to experience real work within your company, helping you fill the top of your hiring funnel with qualified and engaged candidates come time for internships and full-time offers.

Applications made engaging, insightful, and transparent.

Applications through Outern utilize interactive video content and AI-powered virutal interviews, giving you a window into how candidates will perform. Our software also keeps candidates informed, giving them access to their scores and helping them understand how they compare to other candidates.

Work with candidates remotely before you actually hire them.

Pick top candidates and work with them quickly, seamlessly, and remotely. Candidates are classified as contractors of Outern, meaning that you do not have to worry about onboarding or payroll. Our software provides you with the collaboration tools you need to work with candidates while automating candidate pay, taxes, and more.

Attract better talent with a higher OAR.

High quality candidates have a plethora of options, especially from big brands that can outcompete you financially. Outern gives you a competitive edge by helping you build relationships with candidates long before they apply to Junior and Senior year internships.

Discover top university talent.

Outern partners with universities around the US to help employers find and engage with world-class entry-level talent.

Introducing Outern's Partnership With Xavier

Effortlessly attract Gen Z candidates.

Outern's user experience was built with college students in mind. Seriously-- we had college students design it! Implement a recruiting experience that Gen Z will love with interactive video content and seamless & fun applications.

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Augment your screeening process.

You have a lot to do. Teach Outern your hiring preferences, and we'll use AI powered virtual interviews to help you identify the best students for the job. Our data makes it easier for you to recruit across hundreds of campuses without leaving non-target schools behind.

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Some of our amazing features

Automated legal & payroll onboarding

AI powered skills tests

Interactive video content

Candidate invitations

Recruiter-manager handoff

Dispute assistance

Engaging and fun user experience

Robust web app

Now in private beta. Releasing at select universities Spring 2021.

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