Career Services, Meet Revolutionary Outcome Data, Powered by Machine Learning

As a Career Services professional, you face pressure from all sides; employers demand higher quality talent and innovative recruiting solutions, students require help facing a challenging job market, and your university relies upon your work to attract prospective students through strong employment outlooks. Outern provides you with revolutionary data, backed by AI, that helps you understand how employers and your students interact in unprecidented ways.

How Do Employers Think Your Students Stack Up?

Outern's AI skill assessments incorporate feedback from thousands of employers around the world to gauge how your students perform across subject areas. This data isn't arbitrary; you're looking at real-life insights from employers comparing your students to those at other universities. This unprecedented look into your students' abilities provides you with the data you need to boost resources and curriculum where gaps exist while marketing your strengths to employers and prospective students.

How Do Employers and Students Truly Feel About Working With One Another?

After every Outernship, we ask the employer and the student detailed questions about their experience. We do this to provide critical feedback to both sides that helps them reach their goals, whether they be obtaining great talent or landing an amazing first-destination job. These insights can help you understand what skillsets your students can improve upon as well as whether or not you are effectively helping your students find rewarding opportunities.

What If You Could Predict If Your Students Will Be Hired?

Actually, you can. Outern aggregates sentiment scores from both employers and students following an Outernship to predict whether or not the student will return in a larger capacity in the future.

What Campus Activities and Clubs Produce The Most Skilled Students?

Outern corrolates student-inputed activities, clubs, and classes with skill data, helping you understand what on-campus resources provide the most preparation to students. Use this data to allocate resources and point younger students in the right direction with real data. Upon request, Outern can integrate with your existing university systems to pull data from any source.

How Are Your Students Paid Compared To Other Universities?

Unfortunetly, some employers pay higher wages to students with "elite" pedigrees. Research shows that students from elite schools do not necessarily preform better on the job, and Outern strives to make this more transparent. Get an understanding of how your students are paid relative to students at other universities across the US.

Now in private beta. Releasing at select universities Spring 2021.

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