Digital Campus Engagement For Post COVID-19

Whether you are a recruiter looking to win better talent with higher Offer Acceptance Rates or a small business in need of short-term help from college students, Outern is the world's most advanced campus engagement tool, making engaging with the very best talent easy, quick, and affordable.

Some of Our Partners and Customers

What Draws You To Campus Talent?

I'm a Campus Recruiter

Competing for the best talent is always a challenge. You have to entice the best students to join your company instead of competitors that have significantly more resources and a better-known brand to students. Outern helps you engage with top prospects as Freshmen and Sophomores, building relationships with them before the competition, leading to higher Offer Acceptance Rates.

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I'm a Small Business In Need of Short-Term Help

You're extremely busy, and you need a temporary hand in tackling all of your tasks. College students are affordable solutions, but finding the most qualified students, working out the legal docs, setting up communication channels, and paying them can take more time than the work itself. Outern uses AI and interactive video content to help you automate all of these tasks– get to work in minutes.

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Now in private beta. Releasing at select universities Spring 2021.